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Artistic & Holistic ART RETREATS

These Are My People

In The Sonoran Desert, Arizona


Connect with The Artist Within

Creativity balances our heart chakra, opens our minds, and promotes problem-solving. ART refreshes our mind/body connection and relieves stress. Rolling up our sleeves somehow eases our burdens and promotes mindfulness. Our imagination offers nourishment and allows us to explore our artistic passion. Our creative projects resolve curiosity.


Diving into mixed media art promotes self-expression. It allows us to find freedom and breathe better. Through art, we experience pure joy. The intuitive creative process sets us free.

At an art retreat, we blossom spontaneously. We emerge from the things that block us, hold us hostage, and keep us down. We were born to express ourselves, using color, texture, paint, paper, found objects, clay, cloth, and fibers. We are led to share the stories that matter. We love to explore, search, plan, develop, and make. Together, we inspire one another to be the artist we were born to be.


This art retreat has been created in response to so many people searching and seeking. We invite you to let your heart rest, breathe easy, forget about the rules, and be embraced by a new circle of friends. We are so pleased to introduce extraordinary educators who will lead us on a remarkable mixed-media adventure. Side by side, we call upon our creative selves and bathe in the light of like-minded friends.

Conscious Creations Art Studio

2024 Retreats in Surprise, Arizona

February 2nd-5th

May 2nd -5th

For More Information / Attend or Present

CALL 484-889-8668

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