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Karen Izzi

a Chester County, Pennsylvania native  and has been making art and cooking since she was about six years old. In high school, she began a career in the salon industry. She attended college, in a nursing program, which later led her on a more holistic path. She obtained a PhD in Metaphysics and Holistic Health. She is an author, a natural foodie, a fiber artist, a Reflexologist, and Reiki Practitioner.  in 2015, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from West Chester University.

Karen believes in the power of love. She is an advocate for the equality of all people and animals. She has been seen hugging tress and getting up close and personal with birds, plants and flowers. This girl enjoys hiking, climbing mountains, and the sunshine. She is a Care Giver.

Karen founded Conscious Creations Art Studio in  2015, on a mission to support and promote other artists and writers within the community. She is a member of the American Art Therapy Association and realizes that the power of art therapy and writing -changes everything. As a student of meditation and a teacher of Zentangle, her pen-to-paper meditation, she encourages everyone to live to their fullest potential, every single day.

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