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i am a girl who makes pottery!

Welcome to Conscious Creations Ceramics

Karen Izzi, PhD. is a multi-maker who began posting her pottery during her "voluntary confinement" of the COVID19 pandemic. To escape the news, she turned to her pottery wheel and started to pound clay. A mudslinger, if you will.....

 For many hours and days, she made things as a way to practice the craft. With more time at home, she decided to master the art of throwing. (haha) 


On the 73rd day of "lockdown" in Southeastern Pennsylvania, she began posting her cermaics on Facebook to share with her friends. One friend ordered a coffee mug that would later be shipped to Vegas. (Yes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas- hence her need for a large, unique coffee mug :-)

Weeks later, Karen's hobby turned into an "unexpected income." While waiting to see what happens next seems to be our new normal, she is still at it.  Karen continues to welcome new orders. Anything goes!




Place your order by calling/texting 484-889-8668

or contact her on Facebook/Karen Izzi.


Conscious Creations accepts PayPal and Venmo


Karen's Mission:

To create a neat piece of pottery that you will be excited about. Something to use and share.

Her Focus:

Surface Design.    Texture.   Color.    Functionality. 

Did you know?

She is an Aries-Monkey so her work is jaunty, spontaneous, inspired by nature, and Reiki-infused. One-of-a-kind!


Custom Orders are always welcome. Nothing that she makes looks like it came from a department store. She is rustic and whimsical and seeks to satisfy like-minded peeps.


Other Notes:

Sales of her pre-made pottery appear on the Conscious Creations Art Studio Facebook Page with photos and payment options.

Payment is to be made at the time of your order. Discounts are available for multiple item orders. Her ceramics are affordable, on purpose.

Considerations for yourself or as a gift:

(photos coming soon)

Mugs - great for hot beverages.   $25 +

Wine Cups - super duper "I Wine" sipping cup.   $20 +

Small Bowls - soup or cereal.  $35+

Large Bowl - suitable for serving or table fruit  $65 +

Gratitude Bowl - a small "offering" vessel  $12+

Small Plate - snacks or salad  $15 +

Large Plate - dinner time!  $30 +

Small Sculptures - angels $12

Soap Dish / Business Card Holder - $18 +

Spoon Rest - These are fun!   $15 +

Assorted Flower Holders - (vase) $18 +

Small Rooting Pot - got a green thumb? These are made specifically for rooting.

House Number Plaque - personalized  $45 +

Decorative Vessels - Assorted one-of-a-kind pots  $various

Meat/Cheese Board - $35

Dip n Chip Server - Your choice of color!  $65

Candle Holder - $20

Bird House - Great for Outdoor Spaces  $50

Pet Food Bowl - Small   $25

Pet Food Bowl - Large   $50

(Prices can be more/less than those shown, depending on your order.

+ indicates that shipping charges will be added if you are not picking up at the studio.)


Unique Designs. High Quality. Colorful. Food Safe. Personalized.  Practical. Reiki infused.



Conscious Creations accepts PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo

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