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Dear Sweet “SEW•N•LOVE” Friends,


Thank you for joining me on this quilting adventure. This is an opportunity to share our love of tangling and doodle art. The response has been wonderful. Support and love pouring in from all over the world! I am building a quilt to celebrate diversity, peace, and love. Thank you for contributing to this exciting project!


“We Americans have adopted quilts as a symbol of what we value about ourselves and our national history.” Laurel Horton


The creation of this quilt will be made of our individual squares, sewn together with love and pride. Each artist will be featured and recognized on an international level. Quilts become part of history. They touch hearts, record time, and hold a special place in our homes.


With this quilt:

We offer an understanding of diversity and community. 


We honor the LGBTQ community worldwide. 


We value and adore the differences in one another


We tell our story with each block.


We will build a one-of-a-kind quilt.


We share our skills and creative energy.


We are allies, friends, partners, and artists united by art.


We are making a conscious choice to offer love and peace.


We love and respect our neighbors.


Ok, so here are the details. Most of you know me personally and know that I do not play by rules and truly believe that there are no mistakes. With that said, I have made a few guidelines. The idea is uniqueness, but unity.


We discover ourselves in art and the creation of mixed media. This quilt will be sewn with the blocks that you will make. The blocks will be white with black ink. I will add pops of color using fabric, such as borders, lattice, and binding. Local friends are welcome to come over for the layout and construction. I am seeking a long arm quilter who is willing to volunteer their services. Please let me know if you or someone you know is willing to quilt it this fall.




Kits Mailed to Artists:  September 1, 2017

Completed Squares Due:November 20, 2018

Marketing:Throughout the project we will use social media to share the progress. Watch for the Facebook Page and Instagram to appear…Please feel free to share!


Please read carefully as you sip a good cup of coffee !


Each square is 5.5” 

Please tape off ¼” around the border of the square to leave it white. This is the seam allowance and will be used to sew the squares together. Please see the diagram. The finished doodled square will be 5”


Please use only the pen provided. This pen is for creating heirloom quality fabric and is highest quality. If you feel that you mustadd details (LOL)with a smaller pen, please use a BLACK Micron.


Please heat set your square. Using a hot (no steam) iron for 20 seconds. Please be careful not to scorch the white fabric. 


Doodle or Zentangle on the square using the traditional method.

Non-representational and abstract. 

No words or recognizable shapes please.


Please print your last name, neatly, in the lower right corner. Use a cool font, if you wish. This is your mark! Up to 1/2” lettering.


There is no cost to participate. Donations are appreciated and will be used to pay for postage, fabric, and advertising.



Mail doodled quilt blocks, the release form, and any donations 

before November 20, 2018


Conscious Creations Art Studio

Karen Izzi, PhD

101 Glendale Road

Exton PA 19341

Earth, USA





SEW•N•LOVE  Release Form

Karen Izzi, PhD

Conscious Creations Art Studio

101 Glendale Road

Exton PA 19341


PLEASE SIGN, PRINT and SEND THIS with your quilt block.

For good and considerable consideration the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I, the Artist, _______________________, do hereby irrevocably grant the right to the unlimited use of my artwork, submitted as a quilt block, by the Quilter, Karen Izzi, Conscious Creations Art Studio, companies, donors, and people associated with the SEW N LOVE Quilt Project for the purpose of marketing, advertising, and promoting the quilt at various festivals, quilt and art shows. 


I understand that I retain rights to use the artwork submitted for the purpose of promoting the community project via email and social media. 


I understand that the finished quilt will travel internationally and be displayed in public. I have the sole and exclusive right to share my work as included in a body of work, called SEW N LOVE, a community quilt project.


The undersigned, owner of the artwork, is over 18 years of age, and has the right to participate in the community project, SEW N LOVE.  I have the right to view the finished quilt prior to it being shown publicly. 


Should the SEW N LOVE quilt be sold, I will receive a monetary gift, in the form of a check, for sharing creative spirit and appreciating the peace, love, joy and diversity associated with the making of this community quilt.



Date: _____________________________


Name of Artist: ____________________________________ (print)


Signature of Artist: _________________________________



Karen Izzi, PhD ____________________________________

Conscious Creations Art Studio


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