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A Weekend for

Artists & Writers

Presented By:


Karen Izzi

Melody Templeton

Brian Hearns

Frank Henninger

Christine Reyes

Nysha Nelson

Joanne Fink

& Beckah Krahula



Vendors of ART

Creative Tools

& Mindful Gifts


August 7-9th



      Most people can name a specific moment in their lives when something changed it forever. For Certified Zentangle® Teachers, CZTs, we agree that learning the method and practice of this pen-to-paper meditation, has enriched our lives in so many different ways. We have experienced fun, personal, mental and emotional life-changing growth. Around the world, we explore adding this method to our mixed media art and use it as an opening exercise in our writing practice. It is intentional, abstract art and a safe place to create, even when you aren’t an artist.

     Conscious Creations Art Studio, in Exton, is the home of Philly Area Zentangle® (2012) For the past few years, we have hosted small art retreats and have recently outgrown our studio space. Tangle Philly is a retreat for everyone. Up to 50 participants will enjoy an incredible weekend. Our retreat hosts a diverse group of artists, writers, and holistic vendors.

      As a participant, you will meet a bunch of really cool men and women from all over the country. We are so excited to come together for a colorful weekend packed full of powerful instruction, Zentangle®, music, Soul Collage®, mindfulness, lettering, writing, book-making, journaling, fabric design, and poetry.

      The weekend promises to enlighten, broaden your skills, and enhance your creativity. Working in small, creative groups, you will bloom and blossom in a variety of ways. There will also be opportunities to dive in deep with your inner child. We will serve wonderful, wholesome, local food. There are hand-picked vendors offering artistic supplies, mindful gifts, journals, jewelry, and MORE!



What is Zentangle, Anyway?


The Zentangle® Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to draw and create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Zentangle® is a non-representational abstract art. It is completely unplanned so that you can focus on each stroke and not worry about the result. I call it "Pen-to-Paper Meditation."


* Tangle Philly is a weekend full of art and mixed media inspired by Zentangle® but not only about Zentangle. 


















So, You Are Visiting West Chester, Pennsylvania?


This is my hometown. I grew up learning and appreciating all of the shops and businesses my family members had built after their arrival from Italy. Generations of people still reside here and are proud to call it home. Plenty of tradesmen and homemakers in my family have led me to honor this town. The streets are still the same as they ever were, packed full of native bloodlines, unique galleries, top-rated restaurants, and live music.  That place where everyone knows your name. West Chester celebrates diversity and every cultural background. I wanted to share my excitement in hosting our event here.


Workshops will be held at The Chester County Historical Society. This non-profit was founded in 1893 and home to an extensive gallery and share artifacts, art, photographs, quilts, newspapers, a huge genealogy library and exhibits of our local heritage. There are on-going festivals, workshops, lectures, and cultural experiences for all kinds of people. I have chosen to hold Tangle Philly 2020 here, just for that reason. It is a very special place. www.chestercohistorical.org


West Chester hosts free Town Tours & Historical Village Walks. We honor innovation and the history of industry in Chester County. West Chester is where it all began. http://www.BrandywineValley.com


“Acceptable” lodging for most of us, as artists, can be described as affordable, simple, clean, and convenient. Hotel Warner, just across the street from the Chester County Historical Society is one of America’s best Historic Hotels. The Warner Theater opened its doors in 1930, to help build the prosperity of West Chester. It thrived until the late 70’s when the Borough of West Chester voted to partially demolish the building to become offices. It was home to the Philadelphia Inquirer and was renovated again to become Hotel Warner in 2011. Today, the hotel is surrounded by restaurants, parks, artsy sidewalks, unique shops, artist’s boutiques, galleries, and small market places, making it the perfect place for our creative reunions! http://www.HotelWarner.com


Did I mention FOOD? Did I mention that I am Italian? So, you know wherever I host an event, must--have a good selection of fantastic food. West Chester has more than 50 restaurants and eateries. There is a wonderful selection of live music, open mics, and a Starbucks just one block from our festivities and we are asking a friend to prepare and serve our luncheons. Here are a few that are worth visiting:

Barnaby's, Boxcar Brewing Co., Carlino’s, Couch Tomato Café, Iron Hill Brewery, Kildare’s Irish Pub, Kooma Japanese Steakhouse, Landmark, Limoncello, Market Street Grill, Mas Mexicali Cantina, Mercato, Pho Xua Vietnamese, Penn’s Table, Pietro’s Prime Steakhouse,Roots Café, Side Bar, Social Lounge, Split Rail, Teca…..



I invite you to Tangle Philly 2020! You will love hanging out with friends for a creative retreat, but really enjoy West Chester, PA.




1. Why should I attend Tangle Philly?

Conscious Creations has designed a weekend full of creative events to promote mindfulness, enhance creativity, and gather with friends. We will share mixed media art, Zentangle, music, great food, shopping, and so much fun!


2. Can I attend for one day only? 

There is one ticket price for the full weekend of adventures.


3. I have food sensitivities, will I fit in?

Food options for everyone! West Chester is known for its culinary diversity. Catered lunches will be wholesome and healthy.


4. Are materials included?

YES! Everything you need for the weekend will be included! You will be so happy!


Register Here!!



Participant (Birdie pass)

Participate in Full Weekend


Payment Options Available:

- Payment one, upon registration

- Payment two, due by February 28, 2020

- Payment three, due by July 1, 2020

Participant/Vendor (Birdie in Paradise)

Participate & Be A Retailer





Tangle Philly 

was created for you!

Not only Zentangle®

but painting, fiber art, journaling, poetry, botanicals, Soul Collage®, book making, Motivational Talks, and More!



Gather with friends to Create.

Practice Mindfulness.

Walk around town.

Share laughter.

Shop local & Unique.

 Share wonderful meals.

Make cool stuff.

Be part of a new tradition.

Express yourself in a safe place.

Meet like-minded friends.

Get really awesome art supplies.


Get Your Tangle Philly TEE Shirt!

We will host a WHITE TEE CONTEST during the weekend!


Unisex T-Shirts

S (20.00)


M (20.00)


L (20.00)


XL (25.00)


XXL (25.00)








Cancellation Policy 



We know that everything is in divine order! Of course, we understand that “life happens.”If you are unable to attend, Tangle Philly, our creative mindfulness retreat, we offer the following options:


Cancellation or substitution requests must be received via email (karenizziphd@gmail.com). You are responsible for ensuring that Conscious Creations Art Studio receives the request. Conscious Creations Art Studio will reply with an email acknowledgment. 


If a registrant is unable to attend the event for any reason they may transfer, by arrangement with the Conscious Creations Art Studio, their registration to another person. 

Where the registrant is unable to attend and is not in a position to transfer his/her place to another person, then the following refund guidelines apply:

  1. Due to limited seating, we request that you cancel as soon as possible, at least one week (7 days) before the retreat begins. This gives us the opportunity to fill your spot. Cancellations made 7 days or more in advance of the event date will receive a $100 refund, issued via PayPal or Cashier’s Check.

  2. You may cancel by phone or by email: karenizziphd@gmail.com If you have to cancel within the 7 days prior to the retreat, no refund will be offered. 

  3. I understand that I am holding a spot so reservations for this event are nonrefundable. If I am unable to attend, I understand that I can transfer to a friend. I will notify Karen Izzi, if I decide to transfer the registration.

  4. Keep in mind, that many travel companies offer Travel Insurance if that is something you are interested in.


In the case of unforeseen circumstances, Conscious Creations Art Studio reserves the righ to make changes to the Presenter line up, create substitutions, and change workshops and materials as needed to ensure that the weekend runs on track.

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