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Over the holidays we had some guests visit from California. They are friends of my brother and sister-in-law. We enjoyed getting to know each other better. Over wine, we enjoyed hearing the stories about how they bought a gorgeous home in Italy. After rummaging through boxes of my art and pottery to decorate their home away from home, Mike said to me- bluntly, "You need an Etsy store. This stuff is amazing!" The truth is, I have had one set up since 2012 and never listed anything. (face plant) Their kind words inspired me, kicked my but, and motivated me. I am so grateful.

Every day since they left, I have been working, like it's my job, in the studio. New goals have been set. Sometimes it takes someone else to kick us into gear. I am writing to tell you this because this is the kind of motivation that we all need. No matter what it is that we do for a living or as a hobby. We need someone else to tell us that we are good enough. Tell us that they love us. It feels good when someone loves what we've created. Artists, we must make art. It is wonderful when someone likes it!

This kind of motivation has inspired me in many other ways in my life. I realized that the invitation from an international magazine, to submit a feature and photos of my art, had sat long enough in my Gmail inbox. Though I am not one to sit at the computer or any device, I got it DONE! Even if it does not get published, I reached the goal by responding to their request for my story, my bio/art. I also joined the gym, planted my garden, created three quilts, trimmed all the trees, and am staying faithful to my meditation practice.

Most importantly, I share this because it is nice to give thanks and praise. Gratitude is so necessary in our lives. I invite you to practice this "honoring of oneself" every day. It is of equal value to compliment others, and build them up. Do not put things off that mean something special. Tell other people how wonderful they are! Share kindness and buy local art.

I am excited to launch some creative workshops at my studio. If you or anyone you know are interested in diving into your creative self, let me help! We gather around the table in a safe, casual, and adventurous small group. I also offer sewing, quilting, and pottery instruction. I am co-founder of a local Urban Sketch group as well as a west valley art quilt guild. I am happy to host artistic and holistic parties.

Conscious Creations Art Studio

Karen Izzi, PhD


Here is the link. Click. Look. Share. Register.

Life is short. Have fun! Live every single day!!

My Etsy store is coming!!!

And, yes, YOU can draw!

In peace,


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