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Why Am I Telling You This?

Take care of your body and it will take care of you! Click on “Get Your Free Skin Analysis”

Why Am I Telling You This?

I am 53 years old. How does time go by so fast? I am still singing with my Dad like I am seven years old. I still hold the light and tools for him while he is working. We travel together, value our family, and like the same things. We are best friends. When I look at him, I admire him so much. I see that his skin is changing. I realize that time changes each of our bodies. Dad works out and goes to the gym. He eats well. He is an excellent cook! Over the past few years, he has been experiencing some red, itchy, dry patches that reappear on his scalp, around his eyes and ears. We have ruled out soaps, shampoo, foods, laundry detergent. After googling, several visits to the doctor, and dermatologist, this is still happening. Genetically, we have great skin but there are these unexplainable changes. For everyone, our skin changes but I feel so challenged over this!

As a stylist and esthetician since 1989, I have tried every product line known. There have been things that I have spent money on, that are truly terrible products. There are too many skin care preparations that are loaded with chemicals, preservatives, and unnecessary fragrance and color. Do you know that they are not good for our skin? In 1992 I was grateful to train with Dermalogica® and earn certificates. At that time, my personal mantra became, “if I wouldn’t eat it, then I will not put it on my skin or hair.” I moved on to train with BioElements® and Aveda® as well. Great experiences! Each company has taught me the things I know now. Best part, I am happily still connected to so many of my facial care clients.

Fast forward. An artist friend, Sonya, approached me about an industry leader, Rodan & Fields®. She sent many samples in envelopes decorated with original art. I resisted because I didn’t think I had the money to spend. Over the past three years, I have been fortunate to stay in touch with her. We share art, a love of skin care, our volunteer efforts, fighting racism, and shouting out for gender equality. She grew up in the same small Pennsylvania town as my (new) brother Fred! So much love and so many things in common! Last week she invited me to attend a Zoom call for perspective members. I knew what that meant. It changes everything for me.

Before we moved to Phoenix, I sold all of my salon furnishings and products. I question myself, still. But THIS is what I have always done. (Being an artist is wonderful, but the truth is, we have income when we sell art.) In July, intuitively, I transferred my cosmetology license from Pennsylvania in the event that I want to return to salon management or a skin care practice. (My cousin says “I give good face” LOL. I just can’t let go. I will not work behind the chair, but from this day on, ha ha, I am making a commitment to continue serving my friends and family with professional skin care support. I am ready to make these skin/body care products available to you. I am here to offer/find the answers to your skin care questions. It’s not too late to deep cleanse, nourish, moisturize, feed, and pamper our skin and hair.

It was time for me to get involved. I love helping and caring for people. I am so ready to become part of a spectacular team of doctors and their skin care professionals. As our lives change, bend, curve, and deepen, we have noticed changes in our lifestyle as well as the way we make purchases. Communicating with friends and family is different. The way we conduct business is different. One thing that I notice for myself, is that I enjoy slowing down. I enjoy taking the time to practice self-care each day. Honesty, it’s something I wish I would have started practicing earlier in my life. My skin has never been better.

If you are wondering why I am writing this when I could be out hiking or watering my new vegetable and herb garden….I am so excited to invite you to take a FREE skin care evaluation. It is so much fun, and interesting, to be evaluated by two of the world’s most respected dermatologists! I would like to engage as many people as I can to get serious about the care of their skin. There is no need to worry about making a purchase or a commitment.

It’s time that we do it! You must realize, we only get “one skin.” Having gorgeous skin is not difficult. I support you and I am right here! Feel free to call, text, write….You can share the link with friends and family. You know some of your friends have clogged pores, blackheads, and wrinkles. I just invite you to put in honest answers regarding your lifestyle in exchange for a personalized report about your skin care requirements. You are more than welcome to purchase product from my website if you choose. But this is not for a high-pressured sale. I want to help you have the greatest skin of your life! I love seeing Sonya’s client’s before and after pictures. These not only include great skin transformations, but also weight loss and muscle building! Total transformations! Isn’t that we each long for, to be the best that we can in this lifetime?

Our skin is how we present ourselves to the entire world. Some of us can tell what you eat, drink, how much sleep you get, whether or not you smoke, and how much you love the sun, like myself! That’s all. Simple.


Take care of your body and it will take care of you!


Click on “Get Your Free Skin Analysis” (Dad, try it! ;-)



In 1995, Rodan & Fields® was founded by Stanford-trained, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. Their core belief is that everyone deserves great skin! The two dermatologists are the developers of this number one product line. They empower entrepreneurs and help us deliver exceptional results. Their teams build lives stronger, more vibrant, and deliver a passion for out of this world skin care results! They are devoted to making the world a better place, just like me. Keep in touch! Take the test! Let me know how much your skin changes and improves.

Photo by Rodan & Fields

Daddy n Me


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