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2019 Brings Blogging, Tweeting, and CBD

Namaste. As many of you know, I am a lot of things: A Daddy's girl, hiker, lover of the southwest, a foodie, a photographer, a tree hugger, a lover of books, fabric, and art supplies, and all things natural. I am a writer, an artist, a baker, and a good friend. I dig in the dirt, I am a metaphysician and study all things "mindful." I adore children and love all animals. I am caregiver, a hair stylist, aesthetician, an advocate for the earth and human equality, and have a healthy relationship with

"Make every moment worthwhile."

vodka, coffee and comfortable clothes.

As I grow deeper in love with sculpture, ceramics, painting, and am usually up to my elbows in fabric, I grow frustrated each time I sit down at the computer. I have issues. BUT, if I want to "succeed" as an artist and writer, I'm told that must have an active and steady blog and successful social media following. For two years, I have written, by hand, in my journal, 52 blog topics, weekly for each year. No problem.

In 2018, I blogged twice! (Had a terrific response, but only sat down twice!)

Something has to change. 2019 is suppose to be a transformational year for me, being 51. I will begin here, to blog. Please read my blog. Share it. Comment. Suggest topics. Encourage me. I need you. I appreciate you. Here goes....

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