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Backyard Magic


Nature is awe-inspiring. It is huge as it is tiny. Throughout the year, I enjoy being outdoors. It's normally where I practice solitude. It's my spiritual practice, my quiet time, an escape. There is always something to admire. I must admit, I enjoy the four, changing seasons in southeastern Pennsylvania.

I am an artist. Artists watch, listen, record, sketch, and appreciate the little things. I am also a Metaphysician. We seek out truths, spiritual meanings, the "why" and "how." I slow down as I walk in nature. Even in our back yard, we become conscious. There are so many beautiful moments. A million little things are happening at the same time. When we pause to breathe, look at things, we live mindfully in this moment. It is then, we can take in amazing and elegant things.

I have been in the garden since I was about six years old. Seems like yesterday that I used to help my grandparents tie tomatoes, pick basil, mulch around cabbage...they taught me to appreciate the power of my six senses in the garden. I have become a protective daughter of Mother Earth. I am an advocate for the bees, birds, and trees. Flowers make me sing! Mommom loved roses. Mine are blooming right now and it brings me so much joy.

Often, I use my camera as a tool to preserve these glimpses. Even though I fail miserably at getting them organized on my desktop, I return to them many times to paint, stitch, and recreate. I relive the moment, the minutes I spent, remembering the temperature of the air, recreating the colors I saw, and recall the small animals or insects that were there to greet me. Do you love the aroma of the ground just after a downpour? The steam brings me to life.

Take a few minutes to look at these photos. Grab your favorite pen and sketch them. Look carefully to see what it is that you discover? Maybe it will be something I didn't notice. Maybe your kids will even see something different. Go for a walk outside. Look closely at some lichen perched on the fence, or at the bottom of the creek. Pick up a leaf and admire its veins. Consider all it took to get there on the path in front of you.

dogbane (indian hemp)

How many colors do you notice in this photo? Do you see yourself in the droplets of moisture? Or perhaps you are the leaf, craving, thirsting for more? This plant can cause cardiac arrest if ingested.....


Doesn't everyone love the Dahlia? These colorful and full blooms represent grace and dignity. They grow tall with roots that are sturdy and strong. You can easily lift spirits with a handful of Dahlia. Their ability to rise up from the chilly soil is mezmerizing. As many of you know, different flowers are adored for different spiritual and emotional reasons, throughout the world.

What flowers make you smile and dance? What color do you resonate with today?


When I see the green leaves of Dandelion pop up in the yard, my heart knows that warmer weather is coming. I pick the leaves to bring in to the kitchen, but not the root. More leaves grow and year after year, reappear as my favorite spring greens. They are number one in traditional herbal medicine practices. For centuries the dandelion has been used to treat a variety of physical ailments. (Another article, another time) To me, the non-mathematician, I am fascinated by its sacred geometry. Like other flowers, perfectly created. I stare into each bloom and am blown away (ha ha) when it goes to seed.

Think again before you spray them: they are an excellent source of vitamins A and C. The greens provide iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Dandelions are extremely beneficial to the digestive tract. They can be purchased from the grocery store, but why not just go right out your back door?

What do you see in this photo? How many flowers will grow from this one? How would you begin to describe it's awesomeness? Do you have memories associated with these? Did you ever blow one into someone's face? Did yours have a head that popped off?

My wish for you:

Spend some time, in your yard, or outdoors, with your bare feet upon the earth. Sit comfortably. Breath in and breathe out. Take in the natural world around you. Notice the little things. Be amazed. Share nature with your kids and grandkids. Teach them to love the earth. Live every moment as if it was your last.....

I love hearing from you. Feel free to post, share and leave a note.

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