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Finding Your Tribe

Finding Your Young Living Tribe

Everyone has their own story about how they found Young Living Essential Oils. We each share a common bond, we live a most conscious, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle. As holistic wellness practitioners, we seek out highest quality oils and have an undeniable urge to help others live their best lives. Whether it’s as simple as cleaning the house more sustainably, clearing a stuffy nose, or enhancing the mood, there’s an oil for that.

I became a Brand Partner with Young Living in 2012 after meeting my neighbor, and now, best friend, Kathryn, at a health fair. She and I chatted about oils for quite a while until I had to get back to my own booth. She gave me some samples to try. That was it! Young living products speak for themselves. I am blessed to say that adding Young Living to my small business was one of the best decisions that I've ever made there are so many great success stories between then and now, but the point I'd like to make, is that the quality never changes. The product lines from Young Living are 100% pure and many of them food grade quality. The Vitality line oils are now FDA approved and are considered Food Grade. Cooking with and sharing oils still thrills me each time I host a party. Though I regret not being able to meet Dr. Gary Young before his passing, I am on board to share his miraculous healing story, small miracles, and superb essential oil lines.

Of other retail product lines that I've sold over the years, in salons as well as in my own practice, Young Living has stayed at the top of my list. Young Living is the only essential oil company to source from sustainable conscious farms. Young Living farms in many countries, has built centers for wellness, cancer treatment facilities, as well as schools and many successfully functioning farms. Young Living teaches us that purity begins in the fields. The purest products come from a most pure source. Each Young Living product is tried, tested and guaranteed from seed to seal, meaning that quality and superiority are promised. The company upholds highest standards for sustainability as well as fair treatment of each of his employees worldwide. So, as you can imagine, not just an oil company cranking out products. Their mission statement is about growing, farming, distilling, and packaging the purest, most potent oils in the world. Young Living certifies that their products from seed to seal. The seed to seal commitment with every single product proves the level of quality assurance and commitment in every precious drop.

Dr. Gary Young believed that since our planet takes care of us and provides all that we need, we must return the favor by working toward a healthier and more conscious presence. He also believed in empowering people to realize their fullest potential. Gary traveled, he volunteered, open schools, and linked arms with over 89 nonprofit organizations globally. He was committed to empowering the dreams of so many people in communities around the world.

As a longtime Young Living Brand Partner, I strive to pass along Gary’s vision, continue to update my education, share his blessings, and be committed to the change for good. I am an advocate for the equality of all people. I live consciously for the planet and love my essential oil products. One by one, we each make a difference and contribute to a better whole. I enjoy the Young Living purpose statement and how it explains that “they are distilleries and dreamers, creators and caretakers. They are farmers. They are family and they uplift and enhance many of our lives around the world. They are pioneers in the world of essential oils and for more than 25 years have maintained highest standards for processing essential oils.” Each of Gary’s students, family members, educators, and Young Living distributors stand tall, feel confident in helping the planet be a better place. We sincerely care about the wellbeing of our friends and loved ones. It remains our top priority.

When I first sat down to "think about" creating an “oil blog” it was so difficult to decide where to begin. I started to incorporate essential oils, one by one, into my life more than 30 years ago. So many oils explored, people I have touched, and so many wonderful accounts of healthy triumph I would like to share! I continue to learn, experiment, teach about the powerful uses and applications. I've developed successful, useful, and fun workshops, classes, and oily parties. As a Wellness Practitioner and stylist, I've used oils hands-on for more than 25 years! Today, I have a terrific tribe of oily friends!

This Young Living journey has changed my life. I'm always accepting new friends to join my team! I'd love to share my oils, my stories, and my success with you. It is never too late to begin your adventure in wellness and essential oils. Please feel free to share this story and other stories. Are you interested in living cleaner and healthier? Do you need to shed a few pounds? Would you like to join me on a simple path to additional income? I am happy to host an in-home party! If you'd like to have your own Young Living account, please feel free to use my member number to begin your journey #1224945 at This will automatically make you part of my Young Living Tribe! Your level of participation is completely your choice. You will be prompted to order a kit to open an account. These kits provide a jumpstart to your essential oil path. Kits are now available for many different product lines. Yes, you can begin with more than one! (Oils, Blends, natural Pet Care, Skin Care, Hair Care, Thieves Cleaning….. more!) The kits are now available at a variety of prices ranges to make it affordable for everyone.

Oh, Our Facebook page "OUR ESSENTIAL OIL TRIBE" is here for you to join and share. For more information about free Young Living membership, you can reach out to me at or by phone/text 484-889-8668 Let’s party!!!

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