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The Adventure to Have the Healthiest Home Continues

I am Cleaner Than Ever!

©Karen Izzi, PhD

Yes, the pandemic has taught each of us to reshape and reorganize so much of our lives. Especially how we clean and sanitize everything. At home, my purpose remains to live the “cleanest” life possible. I am concerned with global warming issues, health, and sustainability. Food quality is at the top of my personal list. I am conscious of what goes into my body as well as the products we carry home. This means from the inside-out. Many years ago, I made a simple and easy-to-follow rule for myself, if it isn’t something that “I would eat,” then it’s not something that I want to put on my skin, use in my kitchen, or even purchase. Since the early 1990s I have studied and practiced aromatherapy. I have also been on a quest to find the cleanest products on the market. Yes, even if it costs a bit more. I believe whole-heartedly that the diseases and cancers that we face today are a direct result of the products and foods that we choose for ourselves and our families. I encourage anyone to hop on the wagon, you will be happy to become more educated about things like our water supply, food quality, sustainability, organic farming, and so much more!

Cleaning products and sweeteners are always on the top of my list. In 2010 we discovered Thieves Cleaner™. There are more than 200 uses for the Thieves products. I began with the Household Cleaner and now enjoy the dental line, as well as the Thieves Vitality Blend. The hand soap has set my mind at ease as we venture out into public places. There are Thieves™ hand wipes and spray that are with me wherever I go. One or two drops of the Vitality in any beverage, builds the immune system strong!

Young Living™ products are not just a monthly purchase. They support our healthy lifestyle. They are a company that builds communities stronger, healthier, and completely safe. The entire Thieves product line is formulated with essential oils. Yup, 100% highest quality plant oils. (For more information about Dr. Gary Young and his incredible story, please visit their website)

Thieves™ is made with a blend of the following essential oils; clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Pure and simple. Of course, my parents were skeptical because we grew up with scrubbing bubbles, abrasive powders, and bleach. Well, guess what? After showering, we simply spray down the shower and tub with Thieves. That is it. I have not scrubbed a shower or tub since 2011! I am telling the truth. No scum. No mold. No gross stuff!

I just wanted to take a moment to remind more people about this. What would you do with the extra time that will come if you would been bending over, on your knees, scrubbing the tub? Trust me. Just the aroma of these products works physiologically so that it is mentally uplifting to clean. TRUE!

When friends and family walk into our home they always comment. They feel peaceful and fall in love with our home. They are unable pin down exactly what it is, but always throw out compliments. (Teeheee) Now you know our secret.

You can order them two different ways. Easy peasy. No commitment. No fear. Just good stuff! Promise! You may become a retail customer or join to receive wholesale prices. (We only need to spend $50 per year to keep our account open and active.)

These are a few of my favorites but please visit the web site for so many wonderful choices for you and your family. Of course, essential oils and blended oils, but even skin care, cosmetics, CBD, and pet care products!

Thieves Household Cleaner #3743 14.5oz $23.50 64oz. $91.25

Thieves Vitality #5631 $15.25

Thieves Wipes #3756 $14.00

Thieves Foaming Hand Soap & Refill #3674 $14.75

Thieves Cough Drops #5760 $21.25

· Please note that the Thieves Household Cleaner™ gets blended in a spray bottle with an approximate ratio of 1 small capful to 32oz of water. Someone did the math (not me LOL) and it is less expensive than the dangerous chemical cleaners. Thieves is safe to clean every surface. It will degrease at full strength and be the best glass mirror cleaner you’ve ever met.

· If you want to talk about it before you make a purchase, please call or text – I am writing this because I love the products and always want to share the good news!

· Visit to place an order.

You will use my member number to register your account. Now both Customers and Brand Partners receive the 24% discount. Brand Builders is just for business builders.

Please reach out to me on our Facebook group to share your Young Living™ questions, success stories, recipes, and ideas. “OUR ESSENTIAL OIL TRIBE”

When you register, I will send you a small gift <3

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